1. A sipa ng Paikot refers to:

A spinning back kick
A front kick
A round kick
A left side kick

2. The sinawali fighting system was developped by the :

Pampangueno tribe
Pangasinense tribe
Ilocano tribe
Tagalog tribe
3. In the binabayani dance from Zambales, mock fighting is carried out with:
A Balisong and a Kampilan
A Bolo and a Karasik
A Laring and a Baraw
A Bolo and a Balisong

4. In the Dog Brothers martial arts, the three main Filipino martial arts influences are:

Doce Pares, Ilustrisimo Kali and Pekiti-Tirsia
Doblete Rapillon, Doce Pares and Lapunti
Inosanto Kali, Lameco Eskrima and Pekiti-Tirsia
Inayan Eskrima, Lameco, and Inosanto Kali
5. The Grandmaster of Filipino Yaw Yan is:
Lehon Fernandez
Napoleon Tanje
Napoleon Fernandez
Carlos Fernandez

6. Venancion Bacon named his style of Eskrima "Balintawak" because:

It was his father's name
It was the name of his birthplace
It was the name of the street he trained on
It was the name of his instructor

7. It is said that there as many Filipino martial art styles as there are islands in the Philippines, how many is this?


8. The main influences of the Spanish on Filipino martial arts are:

The angles of attack
The sword and dagger
The colorful costumes of eskrimadors
all of the above

9. In Kali, Arnis and Eskrima styles nowadays, what is one sub-system that is rarely taught:

flexible weapons
long weapons
projectile weapons
none of the above

10. The arts of Pananjakman and Sikaran have exercises that can be found in a harmless game called:



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