The word Kali, is derived from Kalis, the tagalog term for a large bladed weapon. The term for this system developed in moroland, in the Sulu archipelago, where such fighting systems were prevalent. Prior to the Spanish occupation, Filipinos had tribal-organised fighting systems. The bladed weapon was their core weapon; the Kris, the bolo, and the balaraw (a dagger-type knife), the standard types.

There is no historical information to support there ever being a martial art called "Kali".  An incorrect statement always categorises the art of Kali as coming from the Southern island of Mindanao but this is not so. There are no instructors of Kali in the Philippines and there never will be, as the term is not used, and there is no historical basis for the art.

Kali is merely a generic term used in the United States to refer to Filipino martial arts of Arnis and Eskrima.


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