Kuntaw is one of the oldest fighting systems in the Philippines. It is reportedly from the Sulu archipelago but has since worked its way North to other islands. It is a fighting system that utilises all the natural weapons of the body, such as hands, elbows, knees and feet. The hands are used for parrying, striking and grappling while the legs are used for lowline kicks and off-balancing sweeps and takedowns. The techniques all focus on evading and redirecting the energy of attacks, a common principle in many Chinese styles (which may have influenced Kuntaw somewhat). It must be noted that it is not strictly and empty hand system, and like in many Filipino martial arts, Kuntaw also utilises weaponry that can be substituted for any empty hand techniques it employs. Although this art was traditionally taught very secretly, today it is taught publicly throughout the Philippines and the rest of the world.


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