1. The traditional music played during a Muay Thai fight is called:

Hong Hern
Sok Chieng

2. When a thai boxer performs a spinning roundhouse, this is known as:

Impaling the stake
Lifting the summer mountain
Crocodile sweeps its tail
The Giant catches the monkey
3. To master the basics of Muay Thai footwork one must repeatedly practice:
Saang Thaang Sawan
Mangkawn Rawn Haang
Yaang Saam Khum

4. Why are anklets worn?

To prevent ankle sprains
To protect the instep
To make leg checking easier
all of the above
5. The "Lord of the Tigers" or the Tiger King was:
Phra Sanphetch VIII
Muen Sangad
Nai Khanom Tom

6. Who were the first Westerners to come and challenge the Thais

The English
The Spanish
The French
none of the above

 7. What is known as the "military style" of Muay Thai

Muay Chaiya
Thai Yuth
Muay Lak

8. Muay Thai can be classified into two major types of fighting:

Muay Lak and Muay Kiew
Muay Chaiya and Muay Kiew
Muay Lak and Muay Chaiya
Lerd-rit and Thai Yuth

9. If one grabs the opponent around the lower back with both hands, and pushes against his collarbone with his chin he would be performing the trick called:

Serpeant sneaks to the ocean kingdom
Giant steals the girl
Deer looks back
Rama pulls the arrow string

Thai Yuth is traditionally taught to:

The Royal family
The King
The King's bodyguards
Buddhist monks


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