1. The ceremony which is performed to pay homage to a thai boxer's teacher is called:

The Sarama
The Wai Khruu
The Tai Chieng
The Muay Lak

2. One of the most legendary Thai boxers who was famous for his devastating knee attacks was called:

Nai Khanom
Diesel Noi
An Sarikbutr
3. The biggest and most prestigious fighting stadium in Thailand is:
Choi Hark stadium
Lumpinee stadium
Thammasat stadium
none of the above

4. The traditional headband, the Mongkon, is classified as a Krueang Rang or:

Magic charms
Protective charms
Boxing charms
all of the above
5. The thai pads that trainers use so often nowadays were originally made from:
Coconut trees
Banyan trees
Banana trees
Mulberry trees

6. What feature of a boxers attire would distinguish which fighting camp he was from:

The style of his Mongkon
His anklets
The colour of his shorts
The way he binds his fists

7. Ground glass was traditionally glued into hand and shin bindings to be used as:

a lethal weapon
an irritant
an abrasive
a tool of intimidation

8. Which one of the following would not be considered an appropriate shin conditioning exercise:

Rolling a coke bottle down the shin
Kicking a banana tree
Kicking a heavy bag
none of the above

9. The "Fareweel knee", or flying knee is known in thailand as the:

Sok klab
Kao Tone
Kao La
Kao Dode

10. If you weighed 135 pounds you would be in which division:



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