PANANJAKMAN (Filipino Kicking)

Pananjakman is the Filipino art of kicking. Although not as appealing to the eye as the kicks found in Capoeira, Karate and Tae-kwon do, the kicks are all designed to inflict pain, destroy an attackers mobility or distract him for an upper body strike. The kicks are done with the point of the foot, the heel and the shin. Popular targets include the shin, the knee, the inside and outside of the thigh and the groin. The art of Filipino kicking is still prevalent in the Philippines today, in the traditional form of Sipa , a game which involves kicking a small rattan ball with the foot over a net to another player. Another more village based activity with the same name, starts out with two competitors in a small circle. Once the game begins, both contestants attempt to kick each other until one contestant falls outside the ring or can no longer continue. This "game" is not as popular today, and is perhaps one of the fundamental training exercises in Pananjakman. Finally, Pananjakman is frequently paired with Panantukan to create a complete fighting system. The kicking art serves to distract the opponent while the punching art incapacitates him. Alternatively, the punching art can distract the opponent or neutralise his attacks while the kicking art cripples the attackers mobility.



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