Yaw-Yan is a Filipino martial art developed by Grandmaster Napoleon Fernandez. The art resembles Muay Thai in a sense, but also utilises kicks which are found in Tae Kwon do. However, the origin is more often than not Filipino. The word Yaw-Yan was derived from the two last syllables of  "Sayaw ng Kamatayan" meaning "Dance of Death".  It uses roundhouse kicks which curve downwards (even from head level), which result in tremendous power when hip torque is applied. The punches include many punches found in western boxing, such as the uppercut, hook, swing and right cross, but also include back hands, bolo punches and corkscrew punches. It differs from the other empty-hand styles found in the Phillipines because it is often trained with gloves on, to allow full contact between sparring partners. Because of this, it doesn't employ the variety of limb destructions found in the other arts.


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